1. Preview video for #SouthTexas artist @helloreg’s contribution to the Paging Mr. Herman: A Pee-Wee Herman Art Retrospective at The @Nerdist Showroom @meltdowncomics. Music courtesy from fellow San Antonians, @pinataprotest. Link to full video in my bio. Special thx to @ghostpizza & @darkcitytheman for the connect. #SATX #PeeWee

  2. Check out all my #mussels! No #CrossFit here. #SanPedro #Pteriomorphia (at Catalina Sea Ranch)

  3. #WinterBreak’s @mattgomez112 last night @elreytheatre. @laurenrecords

  4. Tyrone and I gotta loosen up before my first shoot @elreytheatre. #huminuh @goldenvoice #WinterBreak Shot and edited by @moheeezy (at El Rey)

  5. Bought my first wireless trigger. #onelightwonder

  6. All of the lights, all of the lights. #Chinatown (at Chinatown Central Plaza)

  7. hydeordie:

    Jayson Scott MussonΒ It’s Been Done 2014

  8. Busy last few weeks on the Vimeo channel. Thanks to everyone I’ve been able to collaborate with so far! @thisisjdp @vivasenorblanco @thedphoto @addermusic @ktownodd @cultureremixed @laurenrecords Link on the bio πŸŽ₯πŸ“·πŸ“ΉπŸ“ΊπŸ’»

  9. The Shady Nasty & the Sha-dynastys! @ VLHS Zombie Prom 2014 on Flickr.

    Like a tall Dolly Parton that shreds.

  10. WINTER BREAK - “Altar Boy” @ VLHS 07.03.14

    Summer Vacation ditched one of their members and now go by Winter Break. First performance since the band editing. #VLHS